Solar Reflective Films

  • Superior heat rejection
  • Reduced fading of interior furnishings
  • Blocking of sun's heat and glare
  • Energy savings through lower air conditioning costs
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to install

Solar control film is designed to ward off the sun's glare and heat and to keep your home, office or conservatory cooler. We have a selection of window tint films on offer to suit your requirements.

As a rule, we recommend the darker films for south facing windows, where the sun is harsher.
East facing windows will be exposed in the morning, when the sun is low, and west facing windows in the afternoon when the sun is high, but brighter.

For east and west facing, we recommend both the dark and the medium films, depending on how exposed your windows are to the sun.
North facing windows shouldn't be too affected by the sun.


The dark reflective film will allow 20% of light through, and is 1.2m or 1,5m wide. If you are planning to install this film on a double glazed unit, make sure the glass is toughened. If it is, it will have a kite mark in one of the corners.