3M ™ Films

3M™ Scotchtint™ Window Film helps improve the comfort, safety, security, energy efficiency and appearance of buildings/homes.

The impact of unwelcome elements like severe weather, vandalism and ultraviolet rays is reduced with 3M™ Scotchtint™ and Scotchshield™ Ultra window films. The first way we improve light is by removing virtually all its destructive ultraviolet rays, the rays most responsible for causing fading and sun damage. Our window films block up to 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. And we can protect your home or building from more elements than the sun. Our Scotchtint sun control films and especially Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security window films hold your glass in place, helping to protect you and your family from destructive weather and crime. Our window films even allow you to control the amount of heat and glare that comes into your home or building through the windows. From our clear Scotchshield Plus All Season window films, we can help make any home or building a more comfortable place to work or live. To enjoy light, your way, look our way.



3M™ Automotive Window Films for your vehicle reduce heat, glare and block 99% of harmful UV rays. No matter what you drive, 3M Automotive Window Films can give your car a custom look that's right for you. Choose from a complete selection of films that vary in color, shade, construction, and warranty.


3M Window Films allow you to bring light that enters your building under control. Our extensive line of films provides an elegant means for solving many of the most challenging aspects of managing the energy use of a building. 3M Safety and Security Window Films keep the potential for forced entry and weather damage in check.


In the event of a bombing or explosion, a building's Achilles heal is typically its glass surfaces. Shattered into sharp fragments and propelled at high speeds, these glass fragments can cause severe injury to the building's occupants. Thankfully, extensive testing has proven that the threat of injury due to flying glass can be greatly reduced with the use of 3M Safety and Security Window Films.


3M Window Films make light a welcome addition to your home. Our films improve light by removing virtually all its destructive UV rays, reducing fading. 3M Window Films reduce up to 78% of the sun's heat that comes through the window, as well as reducing unwanted glare. 3M Safety and Security Window Films protect you and your family from destructive weather and crime.